About NXTproject

NXTproject is a simple project management system.

By simple we mean "easy to use" which actually isn't simple at all.
Most project management systems have so many "features" that it takes ages to learn how to use and doesn't get used efficiently because it is more work to update the project on the system than to just do the work.

Our aim with NXTproject is to make project management part of the working process. We want to make it as easy as possible to keep up to date, and to actually help your team do their work, rather than hinder them.

NXTproject has been developed by the same people who brought you NXTmove. NXTmove is a business evaluation tool that gets straight to the heart of your business and helps you identify problem areas and gives you detailed recommendations on what to improve (Its a process that takes 4 hours instead of the 4+ months that traditional methods take). One of the outcomes of NXTmove is a list of projects that can help you improve your business across 20 key areas. Those projects can be managed through the NXTproject system.

For more information on NXTmove see the NXTmove website